Another journey


April 2016, things changed. It turned out that I would have to go back to Viet Nam to extend my visa so I could complete my degree, which was quite irritating as the visa application process is much more complicated back there and I would end up spending much more money than I should. The only bright side would be the fact that I was going back to my country the second time this year, which I would never complain because as much as I enjoyed my student life in the UK, I was craving some sunshine and authentic Vietnamese food.   Continue reading “Another journey”

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Why you should pursue Higher Education


It is a rare occurrence to truly know what you want you want to do with your life from a very young age. I can say I was one of those lucky few. My mother still tells me stories of how before I even knew how to count, I was always the one to equally share the bag of sweets amongst my friends. Her little accountant she would call me. Continue reading “Why you should pursue Higher Education”


How to get that dream job


From as far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to work for KPMG. I didn’t quite have a solid reason when I was younger, except it was a huge company and everyone seemed to dress really well. Even then, I set my sights on it and never let go ever since. Now I sit here excitedly typing this as I will be starting my first graduate job at KPMG in less than four months. Hopefully my journey will inspire anyone who has similar aspirations of their own. Continue reading “How to get that dream job”


A city that never gets old


Having finished my time at University of Gloucestershire, I decided there was no better way to wrap up the year than a little getaway to the big city.

Before moving to England, I fantasised of sitting outside a little café, sipping on a strong cup of coffee with a magnificent view of Big Ben. From all I had seen in movies and TV shows, I had already formed a vivid image of London and how I would fall in love the minute I stepped off the train…and I did, time and time again.

Continue reading “A city that never gets old”


The best parts of Cheltenham

AnneWhile Cheltenham does have some good attractions such as good places to eat, an interesting museum, cinema, lovely parks and great pubs – one thing that can’t be beaten are the hills that surround this town. Some of the most popular places to walk are: Leckhampton Hill, famous for the ‘devils chimney’, Cleeve Hill, home to some amazing views, good pubs and many friendly sheep (also good for picnics!), and Crickley Hill, full of stripy (yes, not splodgy – stripy) cows and a forest perfect for building a house out of sticks!


Going out for a walk is a perfect way to unwind after a hard day of revision and lectures and is also a great place to go and have a picnic for the day, rather than staying in the town. You can go horse riding near Crickley hill and Cleeve hill has a golf course where you can either watch the golfers or grab a cold drink after a long walk. You can get beautiful views from any of these hills and these are not the only places you can go for a walk, if you are feeling adventurous you can walk to the nearby village of Winchcombe, taking in the flat fields that used to be used for horse racing, visiting Sudeley Castle and even the old tomb – Belas Knapp!


Instead of going out to a club or sitting in a coffee shop all day why not go for a walk instead? The town has so much to offer but the countryside has even more. Going outside to explore is the best way to unwind, or you could even revise or read on a hill!


Bath to Stonehenge Day-Trip


On a beautiful sunny day, my friends and I went to Bath and Stonehenge. I had been to Bath once already on a one-day trip run by University of Gloucestershire’s INTO Centre, when I studied the Pre-sessional English Course.

Bath Spa is one of the most famous places in the UK. It is known for the Roman Bath, the Royal Crescent, Bath Abbey and the University of Bath. My plan for the day was to visit Bath first and then go to Stonehenge for a short time in the afternoon. Continue reading “Bath to Stonehenge Day-Trip”