My very first days


My name is Quy Nguyen, a 20-year-old student from Vietnam. I’m studying Marketing Advertising and Communications at University of Gloucestershire and currently doing my placement year which is a part of my course.

… Well, I think that’s enough for the introduction.

I started my first day at work on Monday, the 7th of September without any worrying as I was lucky enough to find the placement post at the International Development Centre within the University of Gloucestershire. Two years studying at the University were more than enough for me to get used to its style, facilities and people, which helped me a lot in terms of the 1st-day-at-work anxiety.

Just over a week ago, I was invited to the office for the handover session with the previous placement student, Matthew, and had the chance to get to know my working environment and colleagues in the next one year. It was really useful and made me much more confident since I now know what my job involves and what will be expected from me during the placement year. I was also invited to the lunch time with other staff members at Norwood Arms, a lovely pub near the University where I got to know more about them and the department. They were all really friendly and lovely that make me feel welcomed. The food was really nice and well displayed that I was having such a hard time trying to resist my urge to take some photos for Instagram (I’m just that basic, don’t mind me).

My first day started with a short meeting with my line manager, Ms Evans- University’s Head of International Recruitment, to go through the new starter induction checklist to make sure that I am aware of the University and the Centre’s structure, procedures, plans and systems. Although the list was a bit long, it was actually quite interesting to get to know about the University’s strategies and future plans from an employee perspective.

I then had the time to arrange my working desk and get used to the softwares and programs used for marketing materials. I did promise myself before that if I have a working desk for my own, I will then get a cactus pot and place it right next to the computer (Don’t even ask me where that bizarre thought came from). And the result…image1

I decided to visit a flower shop on the way home later that day. The shop was nearly closed, and since I didn’t want to be a pain, I just quickly grabbed that pot and left. Now when I’m looking at it, I’m still not sure if it is cactus or not (sorry for my broke biology knowledge).

Anyway, leave that plant aside; I did have such a pleasant experience on the first few days at work. A bit nervous, of course, but much more was the excitement for what is waiting for me in the future…


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