International Welcome Week 2015: The Preparation


2nd day at work, my manager asked: “Are you ok to come and help people at the Helpzone to prepare the International Welcome Week?”. It literally didn’t even take me a second to waver, of course I’m ok! It’s my placement year though; I’m willing to do anything to make the most out of it (actually except stepping on glass and eating bhut jolokia or fighting spiders for no reason whatsoever and what am I typing right now?!!).

Anyway, I quickly agreed and came to the Helpzone to meet Emma and Niki who a little bit stressed over the Welcome Week as it was the first time they get it done themselves. After a quick chat, we decided that I would come and help the team over the next few days.

I then spent the last three days of that week here and there, a minute before I was at the library printing bank leaflet, now I’m at Helpzone sorting pot noodle and water for the welcome food packs and minutes later I might be at the Accommodation arranging bed packs for international students coming next week. It was quite tight but well worth it. I got to meet lots of people, from people working at Helpzone, DegreePlus to students volunteering to help with the preparation. They were all really nice, and it was such a great experience for the first week at work (compare to all the first week stories of people I know…).

You might have heard “Time flies when you’re busy” (and having fun) and that first week just literally flew by before I even sensed any pressure. However, I felt like I have learned a lot, from adjusting myself to the office environment to getting used to the equipment and softwares which I am going to use a lot in the next one year. Moreover, I have also met a lot of staff members and started to build relationships with them and learning from them.

And thanks to the opportunity to work with the International Student team, I got to know more about the events such as the Welcome Week that it required much more time and effort than I thought it did. Since I was there as a new student two years ago, being there again as a staff helping with the preparation was such a strange feeling, like I’ve finally grown up. I’m not sure what it is, but it sure felt great.


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