UoG Open Day October 2015


“Have you heard of the Open Day before?” my manager, Sioned, asked.

“… Sort of. Just a week ago, people at Delta Place went crazy because of that”

“They have to. It’s one of the most important marketing activities of the University to home students though.”

But what exactly is the Open Day? It’s an event designed to give prospect students real insight into the University of Gloucestershire’s student experience. They can find out more about courses they are interested in, meet some of the current students and staff, explore the campuses, and gather useful information on key issues such as accommodation and student finance.

And guess what? I’m going to be a part of it as well!

Since Rebecca Smith, Study Abroad Manager at IDeC, was busy with another schedules, I was required to take part in the Open Day event, along with Carla Stanton, University’s Progression Manager, at the Park Campus on Saturday, 31 October 2015.


It was actually the first time the International office came to the Open Day so we did not really know what to expect. I spent the previous Friday to design some Study Abroad flyers and prepare the leaflets with Becca, so that they were ready to be picked up in the next morning.

Study Abroad

I got to the campus around 9.30am and there were some students with their parents already. We were assigned a table right outside the Helpzone office and near the Registration tables, which was such a great location as Helpzone was the last spot of the campus tours leaded by current students every 15-20 minutes.


We brought with us some banners, International student guide, Study Abroad flyers as well as brochures about studying in New Zealand, Canada and the US. We thought it would be a quiet day for us since the Open Day mostly focuses on home students. However, we were quite surprised at how many students were interested in study abroad opportunities. They came to our stall after some course talks and campus tours with some really interesting and detailed questions.


It was great finding out that studying abroad opportunity could be one of the factors attracting prospect students choosing University of Gloucestershire. We all came to the conclusion that we should focus and prepare more on that particular area, starting from having the Study Abroad banner done and doing more research on the opportunities, potential partners and entry requirements.

As for me, the Open Day was such a wonderful chance to experience another important marketing activity of the University: how it was organized and what needed to be done. I hope I could take part in other events like this in the future to make the most out of my placement year.


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