About my course – Fine Art BA


Hello! My name is Marley. I’m a 3rd year on the Fine Art course located at the Hardwick Campus.  My course is mainly focused on maintaining a studio practice while going to lectures and seminars.

So unlike other courses where you have classes a few days a week, I’m in Monday-Friday. On days when I don’t have a lecture I am either working in my studio or having group critiques with some of my other classmates.

I’m expected to be in and working away on whatever project I’ve set for myself that day. 3rd year on Fine Art is a little different to 1st or 2nd year because instead of any lectures like Art History or Making Art, Talking Art (a series of lectures and group projects where we work with contemporary artists) we have our dissertation to work on. My dissertation this year was a research project where I spent around 12 weeks studying, writing and making art around a subject of my choice.

I’ve had the chance to travel to Berlin with my course and see so many different galleries and historical places. It was so inspiring; being able to travel is always a great thing to look out for on an arts course. We spend 11 days in Berlin and since this was my second time visiting I was able to plan my own trips to visit places like the Ramones Museum and a permanent exhibition of Salvador Dali’s work. Our trip was early February, and luckily it wasn’t too cold.



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