International Café

imranIt took me a while to come up with the right introduction to this post, but it came down to this one-lined zinger:

This is not an advert.

There! Introduction done. I would like to send you a facebook link  and say, “Everything is there; I don’t have anything to add!” Although for the sake of word count, my job as a blogger and questions on what am I blabbering about, I would like to elaborate on the university’s “International Café”.

The International Café is a glorified chill-out session for anyone part of the International society. Regardless if you’re local or from overseas, you’re still a citizen of planet Earth.

The café for me personally is one of the greatest highlights of my week. It’s a great alternative to those adverse to nightclubbing and pubs; from 7pm to 10pm at the Faith Space in FCH Campus, free hot chocolate, cakes and conversations are abound. There are games, music and a chance to play table tennis in a chapel.


It’s a drop-in whenever you want kind of event as it’s held every week on Wednesday, hence no pressure or guilt if you can’t come due to unforeseeable circumstances in your weekly schedule. Although I do recommend it if you’re new in town and in the need of friends, or simply want to make new ones and broaden your cultural-understand on a semi-global scale.

Plus you get drunk with fun, not booze… Yay sobriety!

That’s simply the gist of it, I suppose. Sure I could go more in-depth with the trips to the clubs shortly after the café is done, or sometimes there are huge events like themed nights, karaoke, out-of-town trips and dinner gatherings. All in all, the essence of International café—which I must have repeated myself, many, many time—is all about making friend with different people and help find that potential ‘group’ you need to traverse through joys and harrows of university life.


On a personal note, I’m always at the café regardless if it’s slow or busy. If you found this article interesting and in need of friend; feel free to find me. My very first university friends came from the café. I’m very blessed to have met them there


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