My trip to London

claudiaSo many things to do, so little time. It’s that time of the semester again where the deadlines are approaching. I find myself being in the studio and the workshop from till late evenings everyday trying to get everything done! However, when my mother texted me saying she will be stopping over in London for a couple of days, I jumped right in and bought my coach tickets to London to meet her — it is a break that I really need. No matter how happy you are being far away from home, sometimes seeing the people you love gives you warmth and pure happiness. I am very much used to being abroad without my family as I have lived in Germany for a long time and now here in the UK, but whenever my family visits, I would be delighted. It also gives me more motivation to power through these last two weeks of the semester and do my best in my work.

Anyways, London was great! I have been to London many times (as it’s only two hours away from the university) and it still never bores me. It might get a little too busy at times but the food and shopping are amazing. In the streets of London, you can rarely hear people speaking in English and the diversity is another reason why I love it. My mother and I went to Burger & Lobster for the first time. It is a chain restaurant serving, well, burgers and lobsters. At first I didn’t see what the fuss was about but when I had a bite of the food, I understood. The chips were to die for — best chips I’ve ever had!


The next day we decided to watch the musical ‘The Jersey Boys’ at the Piccadilly Theatre and we had a lot of fun. It was funny and lively, just two and a half hours of relaxation and good music. It was a great two-day trip and now I’m on my way back to Cheltenham. Looking forward the see my housemates and back to the studio tomorrow.


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