Why Chinese students study abroad?


This is my first English blog at the University of Gloucestershire. Before I started to write this blog I did a lot of research about how to be a good blogger. Yes, you are right, I am a fresher in this area. I think using a life story to start this blog would be easier for me.

I was one of the normal students in China, and my life targets were to pass the university enrolment exam & find a secure job. My life in China was not as bad as the image in most people’s mind. In my experience, people in China can live in big houses, easily access the food markets, and travel with the excellent transportation system. The living cost is low, but the average salary for normal workers is not high and pollution can be awful in some big cities. However it is still good to live in China; the Gross National Happiness of China is 72.7% in 2005. Therefore, I think most of the local UK students are confused about why so many Chinese students study abroad. There are a few reasons: gain more knowledge, achieve higher qualification for job hunting, or be a trophy child.

From my perspective, study abroad is a gift from my parents. Before I was 18, to live and work in the big city was a kind of life target, it was not necessary to mention about going abroad or studying abroad. However, In 2015, there were nearly 7,500,000 graduates finishing their degree in China, and the competitions of job hunting are more severe than few years ago. As the result of that, more and more parents try their best to support their child studying abroad, what we call ‘gilding’ in overseas. Now, I could tell you the reason why I took the chance to study at the University of Gloucestershire, that is to become a trophy child, and I am a trophy child now. Lol…

When studying in a different country, the cultural shock for Chinese students can be big, and this is one of the reasons that Chinese students might cluster together. I think most students who study abroad will go back to China because the Chinese culture is deeply into their blood, and returning home is seen as an involuntary action. However your experience of living in a different culture will make you develop as a person and grow in confidence and independence. In recent years, the number of Chinese graduating from overseas universities has sharply increased, so it is really important for students to make the most of their study-abroad experience, such as practicing English, getting work experience and improving employability skills. This will ensure they stand out when returning home.

This is the end of my first blog, and I hope it could give you some ideas about the Chinese students. And thank you for reading my post.


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