Fine Art Degree Show 2016

MarleyHello everyone,

I’m currently in the middle of putting up my Degree show, what an exciting time!  For anyone looking into the Fine Art course this is something you’ll be working towards over your three years at the university, but what is it exactly? The degree show is a large exhibition of all the arts courses at the university, each course shows the graduating students works to celebrate the skill and achievements of their students.

CjOAaduWYAAFHVr.jpg large

So what does Fine Art do? We go wild! This year we have some really exciting builds and installations happening, but that also means a lot of prep work. We’ve been cleaning up the studios this past week which means painting all the walls white, painting the floors and building any projects that need to be ready for installing the artwork the week after. This year myself and four other students are building a house to explore certain elements in our works, while other students chose to show their works on all black walls or create spaces for their works to flourish. To make this happen our Fine Art technicians have helped up make up building plans and help us with the process of putting up walls, changing lighting and framing our works. They’ve been so much help, we couldn’t have asked for better technical help this year.  This week we were able to paint all of our walls, almost finish all of our wallpapering, get the front of our house build and our roof sorted. We’re almost done the build and I’m really looking forward to bring some furniture in (we’ve manage to find a couch, a couple tables, a bath tub and a bed!) So next week we’re going to be installing all of our artwork and putting the finishing touches on our home. This Degree Show is going to be such a great experience and a high point to finish off my degree with.



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