Summertime Blues


By the time I’d finished this post; I would already be back home in Malaysia. The first year already finished, and summer barely passed. The two short days I’ve been back home; I already missed Cheltenham. Funnily enough, I’ve only lived there for nine-or-so months. Relatively, that is quite short compared to the 20 years I have walked on this earth.

I suppose people would ask me: Why would you miss Cheltenham? Comments such as ‘backwater English village’, or ‘quiet’ are inevitably used to describe the town. However people take for granted the things they miss until it’s gone. It was like that when I left home for the UK. Now, in return, I missed Cheltenham even though I’m back at home.

“Oh Imran, you’re being melodramatic.” A friend once said.

“True.” I replied. “Do you want some more tea?”

One of the other bloggers has covered the feeling of yearning and culture shock. I agree with her – the best way to lessen that sadness is to keep in contact with friends back home, even if it does require you to stay up at ridiculously late-hours to have that five-minute conversation with the people you care about.


“Sure, we can have that conversation at four in the morning. Sleep is for the weak anyways…”

However if you still have the blues, and don’t know what to do: eat chocolate ice cream, listen to a Lana Del Ray song, post Facebook statuses on how you miss that place, and nap like you have never napped before. Sooner or late, you’ll catch up with reality and realise:

You know what, I’ve got stuff to do.

Keep yourself occupied and buy souvenirs for everyone. Or if you’re me, go grocery shopping for people and ask yourself: Would anyone catch me bringing this Durian back?



All-in-all, the months will fly by and I’ll soon be back in the UK. Nothing will change dramatically, and hopefully I’ll see all the familiar faces. And some new ones as well.




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