Cheltenham Festivals


Volunteering at the festivals is a brilliant way to explore the town and gain new skills, as well as being able to see some great events for free!  There are four festivals that run throughout the year: Jazz, Science, Music and Literature. All of which have attracted some very big names from J. K. Rowling to Major Tim Peake!

My latest volunteering experience was with the science festival. I was stationed onto two events, one about the stigma surrounding mental health and another discussing Shakespeare’s association with astronomy! I was checking tickets, meeting the speakers, arranging the stage set up and taking questions from the audience at the end of an event. Other roles I had was to go around all the tents asking people to fill out questionnaires about their experience, helping children take part in the free activities and working on the information point providing people with directions and giving them information about various events.


On these festivals you not only get to go to events for free but you get to put some great things on your CV, as well as making loads of new friends! As a literature student I found the science festival fascinating as I was involved in lots of things that are so different from the work I normally do at University.  I think the Mars Rover even made an appearance at one point! While I am a literature student that doesn’t mean there was nothing I found interesting – there were many events related to Shakespeare, chocolate, champagne and mindfulness. As with the literature festival, many events incorporate differing subjects in their events and they are not completely dedicated to just literature or just science. Making the festivals accessible, interesting and enjoyable for everyone!


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