End of my Degree!


I’ve done it!

Since the opening of the Fine Art Degree Show on June 3rd I have finished my degree in Fine Art from the University of Gloucestershire.

Oh man, three years of working all poured into one exhibition. Our degree show was a resounding success. There was such a large turnout of friends and family for the private view, and the fine art show in particular drew a very large crowd. Over the course of the evening I was able to share all of my hard work with my friends and family that travelled from Canada for the event.

Since the show was up from the 3rd to the 17th June I was able to meet and talk with a lot of art lovers who couldn’t make it on the night of the opening. I’ve spoken with school groups who toured our degree show and I had a happy little Q&A with some of the students about what goes on at a university Fine Art course. I was approached by a curators and fellow artists to congratulate us on the show and follow up a select few of us to show some of works at upcoming exhibitions. As well I’m working towards our London exhibition on the 7th of July. ……Even though my time at this university has come to an end I know I will have exciting things going on in the future.

Leaving the degree I have a few words of wisdom for anyone looking into a Fine Art course:

  1. Do it! If you want to explore and hone your craft, a constructive university environment is an amazing opportunity
  2. Try new things, work in new ways and get interested in new areas of art.
  3. Don’t take art history and seminars for granted, you won’t always get access to such knowledgeable people on a regular basis
  4. Show your work as often as you can. Feedback from your peers is great, but feedback from the public is also important.
  5. As cliché as it is to say, have fun! There is nothing similar to being in an art environment.
  6. You won’t see your improvements right away, developing takes time so don’t be disheartened. Also, don’t be afraid of change, it can be good.
  7. If you are lucky enough to have technicians to help you out, use them. They’re invaluable and I can’t thank mine enough!

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