A city that never gets old


Having finished my time at University of Gloucestershire, I decided there was no better way to wrap up the year than a little getaway to the big city.

Before moving to England, I fantasised of sitting outside a little café, sipping on a strong cup of coffee with a magnificent view of Big Ben. From all I had seen in movies and TV shows, I had already formed a vivid image of London and how I would fall in love the minute I stepped off the train…and I did, time and time again.

Everyone who has visited London can agree that it really never gets boring. Even after three years, I find every visit enlightening in some way.

After a short two hour journey on the coach from Cheltenham, we finally arrived at Victoria Coach Station. The very first thing I always notice when I visit London is the diversity of people in it – possibly one of its allures. Whilst everyone rushed about, I stood there and took it all in. The overwhelmingly large buildings and endless traffic.

The first stop of the day was the famous Harrods. The magic of Harrods is it fascinates everyone – be it elderly or young. The charm of Harrods is that there truly isn’t anything you cannot find – from fashionable clothes to the highest quality foods to exquisite furniture, you name it, it is there. After all the store houses 7 massive floors. My favourite section (almost impossible to choose) has to be the Egyptian Escalator. Going through all the floors transported me to Egypt, with masterfully crafted images all over the walls. After almost three hours, only four floors covered and aching feet, I decided the other three were a task for another day.

The evening was even more exciting. After months of anticipation, the day was finally here! I had my first experience at the theatre – the Lyceum Theatre where The Lion King was on. The atmosphere alone was thrilling. There was a great deal of excitement in the air and everyone was buzzing around excitedly waiting for the show. The show itself rendered me speechless – fairly certain my mouth was open for most of it. No one could truly paint it in words. All I can say is – if there is one thing you do during your time at university, it must be a trip to the theatre!

A warm cup of hot chocolate in a café in South Kensington was the perfect start to the second day before going to the famous National History Museum. I was just as stunned as I was the previous day by the size and design of the building. It certainly stood out from the rest! The museum was absolutely mind blowing. Offering a wide range of collections from sea life to volcanoes to dinosaurs, there is something for everyone. It definitely was not a one day affair, having only seen a few of the exhibits before calling it a day. There is also a tree that is older than dinosaurs outside the museum (included a picture for those who are curious).


Last, but certainly not least was a trip to Oxford Circus – a dream come true for all shopping fanatics out there. After all, what would a trip to London be without it!

There is so much to see in London. Whether you are there for a day or a week, there’s something for everyone. Your stay in England would be incomplete without a visit to the city, so take every opportunity you may get!




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