Onwards and Upwards


Now that I’ve finished my degree I figured I would write about where I am going to next. Over this past year I’ve been applying to Masters programs, as I felt like I wanted to continue in education for a little bit longer and wanted to continue to develop my art practice and skills.

For some people thinking of doing their masters right after finishing their degree is too much education all at once, or even the thought of doing a masters in the first place. For me, I’ve always loved learning about art, the academic side of art, papers, research, seminars, and the whole deal. It’s an area which isn’t completely creative but helps me fuel my drive to make works. It seems like a masters program is a good fit, I can continue to work on my practice but at the same time have a bit more focus on the research behind the works.

Whilst looking for university courses, I asked myself a number of questions: where I wanted to be living for the next few years? How would where I am living effect my artistic career? Is it important for me to be near galleries? What is the structure of the course? Do I need to find a studio or does the university supply one? How many people are on the course? What opportunities will this course give me that others might not? Do I find the tutors interesting? And many many more. So while I am leaving fine art here at the University of Gloucestershire, I know my time studying art isn’t over!


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