How to get that dream job


From as far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to work for KPMG. I didn’t quite have a solid reason when I was younger, except it was a huge company and everyone seemed to dress really well. Even then, I set my sights on it and never let go ever since. Now I sit here excitedly typing this as I will be starting my first graduate job at KPMG in less than four months. Hopefully my journey will inspire anyone who has similar aspirations of their own.

  • Always go the extra mile in everything you do

An important lesson I learnt throughout the years is that even the smallest of tasks should get my full attention and effort. Everything you do, be it academic, work related, or hobby related should be treated as the most important thing you’ll ever do. With that frame of mind, you will always aim to get the best and it will set you apart from all other candidates.

  • Don’t be afraid to fail

This is probably the most cliché statement ever said, however it is true. I cannot even remember the number of jobs I applied to before I got an interview. Although it can be disheartening when you don’t do as well as you anticipated, use that as inspiration to succeed on your next try and remember that true and appreciable success only comes after some sort of failure.

  • Use your ‘free’ time wisely

Whilst at University, you may find that you have a lot of free time on your hands (while procrastinating on those assignments), especially with the long summers. As much as you should enjoy your free time, it is important to use it to acquire experience and skills that will make you more employable. A few ideas of what you could do:

  • Volunteering – the University also recognises volunteering efforts ad they can go towards obtaining a Degree Plus Award (which demonstrates to employers that you have gone above and beyond your degree)
  • Summer internship – most companies offer summer internships in your preferred field of work and these are often paid as well. This is a good opportunity not just to gain some experience in your field, but as a foot in the door. Having completed my summer internship successfully, I was offered a graduate role for after I finished University.
  • Play some sport, or take part in a society – whether or not you are particularly good at it, it is important to show you did more than you were required to at University and are a well-rounded individual
  • Take on a computer course (or other related courses) – the University offers other courses in addition to your degree, and usually for free for students. Use this opportunity to get as many skills as you can that will be recognised by employers

Although it may not be where you start off, keep focused on your goal and never give up. The University offers lots of advice regarding employment. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to visit the HelpZone and they will point you in the right direction!


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