Why you should pursue Higher Education


It is a rare occurrence to truly know what you want you want to do with your life from a very young age. I can say I was one of those lucky few. My mother still tells me stories of how before I even knew how to count, I was always the one to equally share the bag of sweets amongst my friends. Her little accountant she would call me.

Responding to one of the most asked questions growing up – ‘what do you want to be?’ – my answer always received an interesting response. They ranged from how boring accountants tended to be or how incredibly intelligent I must be to have such aspirations. I held onto my dream and soon learnt there was so much more to accounting than one could ever imagine.

Arriving at University, I had two main goals – to get a first class degree and to make KPMG (one of the biggest accountancy firms in the world) notice me. Having such huge aspirations, which at times seemed more of a pipe dream, served as an inspiration. They do say to ‘always reach for the stars’.

I chose my degree in Accounting and Finance because it represented everything I wanted in a course – it had an element of surprise, it was challenging and every module I would take would change my way of thinking. It wasn’t just about getting the grade – there was a huge element of real world application. In the three years I spent at University, I learnt more than just about my degree. I learnt that working in a team was just as important as being a leader. That disappointments were inevitable, but the comeback was all that mattered. I learnt that the friends you make are friends for life.

Now that my time at University has come to an end, I not only got the most unforgettable experience of my life, I achieved everything I set my sights to. I write this excitedly as in less than four months I will be starting my first graduate job as an audit trainee at KMPG. And that first class, it took everything I had, but I got that too!

The moral of my story is: when you go to University, you open doors you didn’t even know existed. Even if you don’t have a dream that’s set in stone, going to University is an opportunity to explore what you may or may not enjoy. Most universities offer work experience opportunities, workshops and many other activities that give you a chance to unveil your passion. Your time at university will not only shape your future, it will be a fond memory to look back to! Don’t deprive yourself of an experience of a lifetime.


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