Lost or on an adventure


One of the things I found about moving to a new country was that I would get lost…a lot! From the first day when I got on the bus from town to Gloucester instead of Park Campus, to this very day.

My recent and probably most favourite time is when I hopped onto a train to Glasgow instead of Cardiff (I know, ridiculous). As I stood in the sweltering passage surrounded by unfamiliar faces, I felt a wave of panic overwhelm me. The train ride was the longest I had ever experienced. With every passing minute, my impatience grew. I was in such a hurry to get home, now I was even further from it than if I had relaxed and made sure it was the correct train.  Two hours later I arrived in Derby. Now obsessed with the fine details, I not only checked the boards (twice), I confirmed with the information desk and asked someone on the train if they were headed in the same direction. I got home with a funny story (to others) five hours later than I had planned. After three years I still manage to land myself in situations like these.

Moral of my stories: you’ll probably be more responsible than I have been and check your trains at all times, but if you do get lost, don’t despair – it is all part of the adventure. There is loads of help around. Just find your nearest information centre or approach a friendly face. At the end of the day, you’ll find your way home and have a great story to be teased about for years to come. Happy travelling!


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