Christmas Market Trips

Christmas market trips are one of the most popular events at this time of the year. With exciting Christmas decoration and lights, many cities have Christmas markets which are very fun to walk around, take photos and shop. From Cheltenham to Gloucester, Bath, Bristol and nearby cities, Christmas market events offer a range of local food and snack, multi-sized handmade Christmas gifts, winter clothes and accessories and many other beautiful and lovely things.

Unlike your normal shopping, what they offer is a sense of tradition, culture, and community spirit which cannot be experienced in high street brands and outlets. Products of local people, traditional structure of market display and Christmas spirit make Christmas markets very different and enjoyable not only for local people but also for international students and tourists.  For students, it is such a good experience to walk around with your friends to see the decoration, lights, people, and local-made souvenirs and buy some if you are going back home for Christmas holiday. Since they are displayed for a limited period of time and just before Christmas, it is always good to wander around to taste this remarkable pre-Christmas symbol of the UK.


Depending on your preference, you can just visit Cheltenham Christmas market or if you want a new taste and go away from town, you have a range of options to visit any nearby cities which are very easy to reach by either train or coach. The best option is to join the Christmas market trip which is normally arranged by the university so that you can go with a large group of your friends and it is much cheaper than going on your own. Also there will be staff that will guide you and help you along the way. I joined Bath Christmas market last year and had so much fun with my friends seeing around the market. I would recommend other students to go for a try and enjoy this beautiful culture of the country.


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