Isn’t it weird how the smallest things can have the biggest impacts? The other day I was cooking what’s called Kraft Dinner (I’m pretty sure they don’t have that here in the UK), which is just cheese and small macaroni noodles in my small kitchen.

When I finally sat down to eat and took in the aroma of my KD a flush of memories hit me from back in the day when we begged my mom for some Kraft Dinner – especially when she cut up hot dogs and threw them in. Sauce it up with some Ketchup – Delicious.

Yet still I can remember all the times when we sat in my kitchen eating the stuff, from the time it was just me & Mum, to moving into our big house with my step dad, to now when I could show my English roommates who had never had it before.

The flood of memories came back and made me think of home and how far away I truly am these days. It may be time for exams but the holidays are just around the corner and I know that there will be some people sticking around here with no one to celebrate – thinking about home the way I do now.

We might be busy now but those memories are soon going to hit us all when we finally leave the exam hall and can take a deep breathe of relief in.

I hope you all have those small reminders because in the end those are the ones that are the most important, the little connections that we all live for. It’s going to be a stressful few weeks but I hope everyone finds time for those memories that we’re here for, and for a second, take a breathe of relief.

Love as always,

Ty Javos


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