Time is a funny thing isn’t it? One day we can’t get enough of it and the next we feel like we have enough to completely let go and not worry about the next in-coming second.

When we’re feeling good it feels like we have all the time in the world and not a single care to waste on it – and yet sometimes we feel like time is crushing in on us holding us down like an anchor.

For me as a top-up student with only one year at the university it always feels like time is running out. Despite being November my mind is constantly wrapped around the fact that I’ll be leaving next year homeward bound, waking from the dream that was England.

Yet there are still too many things to do: travel, school, and a never-ending social life. The concept of time crashing down on my head is a stressful one at that so why should I let it weigh me down and distract me from living in the moment?

It’s a fact – none of us have enough time. So if that’s true, why waste precious time thinking about it? We should appreciate the time that we have, the time we spend with others, the time we spend with ourselves, to grow and evolve as people – the people that we came here to become.

Time should be celebrated. Time should be spent cherished, and loved, and most of all – enjoyed.

And it’s time that we start making the changes necessary to achieve our hopes and aspirations, to make our time here valuable and useful.

It’s time to make a change; it’s time to start living.


Your friendly neighbourhood Canadian.


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