My Future Plan

After Christmas break ended and we all came back to uni, it really made me realize that for some of us, myself included, that this was going to be the last semester of university…ever. Our second semester starts at the beginning of February, and we are given a week for our “Future Plan” that offers courses, workshops, and tutorials, to help prepare us for our future, as if we even have a clue! Looking at this a month ago, I would’ve just considered it another week off, but realizing I’m on the home stretch of my university career, it’s something I really wanted to take advantage of.

One of the most memorable events for me this week was with one of the keynote speakers, Bianca Miller-Cole. Not only was she a finalist on BBC’s the Apprentice, but she was also hilarious and extremely relatable. Although I’m not going into a career in business, I knew her message was important for anyone with a passion for success. At the end of her presentation she brought up a quote that really resonated with me. She asked us to always keep in mind that if your dream doesn’t scare you, it isn’t big enough. As she quoted Richard Branson you could look around the room and see the wheels turning in people’s heads, you could see the scribbling of pens on notebooks, and the furious typing on laptops. I was in a room with about 100 other students, and we were now all questioning if our dreams could be turned into reality. We heard Bianca’s success story, and the steps that took her there, but I think the most important takeaway from her presentation wasn’t the fact she was a really successful entrepreneur, it was that she has stood in our shoes just years ago, yet she was able to turn her vision into something real. Hearing about peoples success is one thing, but seeing it right in front of you is a completely different story.

Walking away from that speech on Tuesday gave me a little bit more confidence that everything I’ve been doing up to this point in my university career has been a significant step towards my end goal. I think it’s important to realize that every small move towards your dream is an important one. Whether it be writing that goal down on a piece of paper, or even just buying a notepad (like Bianca made us all promise to do) it’s comforting to know that even the most successful people around us, were once sitting in a lecture hall wondering the exact same thing.


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