The UK, your window to the world

Given the merit of UK’s unbeatable location, studying here not only offers you opportunities to explore a single nation-state but also provides you singular experience to travel around the European countries on a budget.

During the New Year break, I visited Iceland, the so-called “Land of Fire and Ice.” Even though I’ve learned about this country from geography textbooks, the astonishing opening scene (shot in Iceland) of Prometheus, a 2012 science-fiction film directed by English director & producer Ridley Scott, is the reason for my visit.



The country is of two extremes, with glaciers in proximity to volcanic craters. The crystal clear glacier lagoon, dreamy diamond beach, fascinating geyser eruption, mesmerising northern lights, all in all, a must experience for everyone. The natural landscapes are scenic and surreal, while the human-made landscape of Harpa elaborates the beauty and power of geometry.

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If you would like to visit a place like Iceland, travelling from Asia could be a painstaking and an extremely expensive experience that takes you an enormous amount of time and money. But if you start the journey from Cheltenham, you can benefit from the borough’s proximity to Bristol Airport and enjoy direct flights offered by EasyJet, a low-cost British airline which operates direct services to most European countries at affordable prices.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to save you both time and money, and opening your eyes through travelling when you are still young at heart?

Iceland is a place I’ve been craving to go, and studying in the UK has offered me this precious opportunity to turn my idea into reality. Do you have any dream destination in mind? Do you have any aspiration for the future like studying abroad or starting a new chapter in life? Let’s stay positive, work hard, and make it happen.


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