Onwards and Upwards


Now that I’ve finished my degree I figured I would write about where I am going to next. Over this past year I’ve been applying to Masters programs, as I felt like I wanted to continue in education for a little bit longer and wanted to continue to develop my art practice and skills.

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Fine Art Degree Show 2016

MarleyHello everyone,

I’m currently in the middle of putting up my Degree show, what an exciting time!  For anyone looking into the Fine Art course this is something you’ll be working towards over your three years at the university, but what is it exactly? The degree show is a large exhibition of all the arts courses at the university, each course shows the graduating students works to celebrate the skill and achievements of their students.

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Culture Shock and being homesick


Hello everyone,

I had a really interesting conversation with some of my friends the other week about culture shock for international students. I was explaining to some of my English friends that while I don’t find Canada and England all that different, I sometimes forget that it’s sometimes the smallest of things that can make me miss home. We were reminiscing about some of our favorite treats as a kid and how long it had been since we had last had them (it had been almost a year before I was able to have them before visiting my family over Easter). Continue reading “Culture Shock and being homesick”

About my course – Fine Art BA


Hello! My name is Marley. I’m a 3rd year on the Fine Art course located at the Hardwick Campus.  My course is mainly focused on maintaining a studio practice while going to lectures and seminars.

So unlike other courses where you have classes a few days a week, I’m in Monday-Friday. On days when I don’t have a lecture I am either working in my studio or having group critiques with some of my other classmates. Continue reading “About my course – Fine Art BA”