Bath to Stonehenge Day-Trip


On a beautiful sunny day, my friends and I went to Bath and Stonehenge. I had been to Bath once already on a one-day trip run by University of Gloucestershire’s INTO Centre, when I studied the Pre-sessional English Course.

Bath Spa is one of the most famous places in the UK. It is known for the Roman Bath, the Royal Crescent, Bath Abbey and the University of Bath. My plan for the day was to visit Bath first and then go to Stonehenge for a short time in the afternoon. Continue reading “Bath to Stonehenge Day-Trip”


Why Chinese students study abroad?


This is my first English blog at the University of Gloucestershire. Before I started to write this blog I did a lot of research about how to be a good blogger. Yes, you are right, I am a fresher in this area. I think using a life story to start this blog would be easier for me.

I was one of the normal students in China, and my life targets were to pass the university enrolment exam & find a secure job. My life in China was not as bad as the image in most people’s mind. In my experience, people in China can live in big houses, easily access the food markets, and travel with the excellent transportation system. Continue reading “Why Chinese students study abroad?”