Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November: Bonfire and Guy Fawkes Day Celebrations at the University of Gloucestershire

Every November 5th, The United Kingdom (U.K.) celebrates a holiday known as, Guy Fawkes Day. If that name sound familiar, he’s the inspiration for the infamous or notable (depending on where you stand) masks worn by protest groups, most notably the hacker syndicate, Anonymous. While the real figure wasn’t a hacker, he was a political activist just like his admirers today.

It’s time for a quick history lesson! Before, V for Vendetta, was a major summer blockbuster, Guy Fawkes and several others planned to end the reign of King James I of England (VI of Scotland) in 1605. How did they plan to do it? By blowing up Parliament.  Already this seems like a much more interesting film. On the day of their plan, known as, The Gunpowder Plot, the conspirators were caught and the plan was foiled. Today, Guy Fawkes Day is a celebration of the foiling of the plot and the proposed hanging of Guy Fawkes.

So, what are the customs of Guy Fawkes Day? Well, in celebration, British citizens light effigies of Guy Fawkes in massive bonfires and send fireworks up into the night sky. This is no different in Cheltenham, except for one minor difference. This year, the fireworks didn’t stop dazzling the sky after the 5th, but rather went on for the rest of the week!

That’s right! Here in sleepy Cheltenham, every night of and after the sacred 5th of November, once the clock strikes 6:00 p.m., fireworks whiz up to the night sky and…BANG! A wondrous display of lights, sparks and, aerial explosions. The popping and booming that comes with every good fireworks show is not missed by anyone. Take this as a blessing in disguise. When assignments begin to pile up, you can always rely on the distant sounds and cheers to keep you awake and working. Or, if you need a break from a busy day, there’s no study break like looking out your window and seeing all the colours of the rainbow light up the night.

On the school front, the University of Gloucestershire hosts their very one bonfire night on Guy Fawkes Day. It’s a great chance to bring out the leftover festive spirit from Fresher’s week. There’s nothing like a roaring fire to bring out your inner socializing spirit. Bonfire night is your stop for a celebration like no-other. And, who said the British can’t throw a roaring party?

So, if you’re thinking of the University of Gloucestershire, make sure to plan your work accordingly so you can accommodate a chance to score a spot on Bonfire night. If you can’t don’t worry, the fireworks are never too far behind.

If you take anything away from this blog, let it be to… “Remember, remember, the fifth of November.”