Another journey


April 2016, things changed. It turned out that I would have to go back to Viet Nam to extend my visa so I could complete my degree, which was quite irritating as the visa application process is much more complicated back there and I would end up spending much more money than I should. The only bright side would be the fact that I was going back to my country the second time this year, which I would never complain because as much as I enjoyed my student life in the UK, I was craving some sunshine and authentic Vietnamese food.   Continue reading “Another journey”


International Welcome Buddy Intern


I have found myself thinking back to the time that I first came to study in the UK quite often. Sometimes it was just a random thought and my mind kept wandering back to those old days. It was not easy, of course, with lots of worries and struggles and I’m glad that I was able to settle down. But back then, the differences in the culture, language, lifestyle, or basically everything, were a huge part that makes everything seem so impossible. I don’t think I could make it without giving up half way through if it was not because of my friends and people around me who helped to make that process much easier and more enjoyable.

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My work trip in Vietnam: II


Read the first part of my trip here.

The schedules in Vietnam started quite early in the morning as we need to follow the international schools’ timetables. So around 8am on the 12th January, my second day in Ho Chi Minh City, I got ready and took the taxi to British Council office for the Welcome and Logistics Briefing at 8.15. I was handed an information pack including the profiles of other 11 universities attended as well as a staff card. I’m not gonna lie, the card got me so excited about the upcoming events. Continue reading “My work trip in Vietnam: II”

My work trip in Vietnam: I


So from the first days at work, I have mentioned that I will be travelling back to Vietnam for New Year holidays and Jane Gordon, our University’s Regional Manager in South East Asia, thought it would be a great idea if I could join some Education Fairs over there. How did it sound to me? Of course I could sense such an amazing opportunity right there! Continue reading “My work trip in Vietnam: I”

First time as a website builder!


The last Friday of the 3rd week at work, I had my probation setting meeting with my manager before she’s gone to Canada for 2 weeks. We first talked a bit about the MailChimp newsletter templates, the course flyers that I need to work on and the International students section on the University’s website. Continue reading “First time as a website builder!”

Staff Training Week


My second week at work was also the first staff training week of this academic year. I was actually quite nervous since I had no idea what to expect. However, it soon turned into excitement as I read through our schedule for the next 7 days. Besides the exclusive campus talks, accommodation tours and regional sessions, we were also attending some of the International Welcome Week’s activities such as the New Students Welcoming Talk, FAQ Panel as well as Tour of Cheltenham and Gloucestershire. Continue reading “Staff Training Week”

International Welcome Week 2015: The Preparation


2nd day at work, my manager asked: “Are you ok to come and help people at the Helpzone to prepare the International Welcome Week?”. It literally didn’t even take me a second to waver, of course I’m ok! It’s my placement year though; I’m willing to do anything to make the most out of it (actually except stepping on glass and eating bhut jolokia or fighting spiders for no reason whatsoever and what am I typing right now?!!). Continue reading “International Welcome Week 2015: The Preparation”