Exams over, grades given and Christmas is here. As international students most of you will travel home to see your friends and family. That feeling of landing and arriving at the gates, waiting impatiently to see your loved ones.

For me it’s been amazing, I’ve not been home since leaving for university. And I’ve missed everyone so much. Seeing everyone was quite overwhelming.

My friends prepared a surprise party and it was incredible. And they’ve planned so much for this week.

The house has been decorated, the tree is up and everyone is in the Christmas spirit.

I only get to spend 10 days abroad with my family so my advice is to just make the most of being home. Leaving again is going to be hard and I’m already dreading it but I’ve already got my April flight tickets. By already having these tickets it gives me some sense of security in the fact that I know when I’ll next be back. Also by booking in advance you can get cheaper flights.

So not much more that I can say just I’m sooo happy to be back…

Happy Christmas everyone and enjoy the time you get with everyone from your home because time is the best gift of all.