The Races

March 13-17th marks a special couple of days for our town of Cheltenham, because its race week! Before entering the madness yesterday, I really had no idea what to expect, but after placing bets, meeting new people, and cheering on horses with names like “What’s Happening”, which is exactly what I was thinking for the majority of the day, I am so glad I got to experience race week firsthand. I was told this week gets crazy, and I have to admit, walking through town this week I’ve seen a lot more people carrying their shoes than usual, but I had no idea how big of an event this really is!

Before you get through the doors, or even close to the venue, you can tell how race week is able to transform the town. Places that don’t serve breakfast- are serving breakfast, you get asked for directions at least once a day, men are in 4 piece suits, women are wearing bright coloured hats, and everyone is smiling (the percentage of smiles after losing bets is significantly lower though). I decided I was going to place a couple of bets too, just to make the races even more exciting to watch. For a newbie race-goer like myself, I decided to put my money down on the horses that were favourited that day, so even though I wouldn’t really be making a profit, I could at least come away with a win! Though I thought my plan was foolproof, I didn’t take into account horse racing is really all about luck, and I ended up losing each race that I bet on.

Although I didn’t bring home any winnings, I’m taking it home as a victory in my books because of the outfits, the people, and the overall atmosphere. If you get the chance to be in Cheltenham for this week of utter madness, I have nothing but good things to say. The Cheltenham races were an event I’m so glad I didn’t miss, and something I know I’ll never forget!




Autumn Festivities

It’s coming towards the end of the year…and what everyone looks forward to is Halloween! Halloween here in Cheltenham and as a student of the UOG, I assure you is filled with excitement & entertainment!

As you can see…. We all take our costumes pretty seriously 😉 you’ll see all different kinds of people dressed up in their costumes, some guaranteed to give you a laugh!


Another great thing Cheltenham has to offer for us students of the UOG would be

Words cannot begin to explain how beautiful and magical Bonfire Night is. I for one loved it last year, those pictures above are just a glimpse of my night. Everyone makes an appearance at the Cheltenham Race Course to be a part of and experience this magnificent event. Different cuisines of food stalls are set up, in case you get hungry there is also games & rides for your entertainment while you wait for the big fireworks show. So make sure you put this in your calendar and drag your friends, boyfriend/girlfriend as this is not an event to be missed!