January – New Year, New Start

So, Christmas came and so did a new year. I was able to come home for that period of time but I do recommend for new students international or not, to return in January as it’s normally future conference week, I missed it this year and I won’t be missing it next year.

Some have exams after Christmas but I had them before so now I’m looking forward to starting two new subjects and finishing my first year at uni.

Coming home has been amazing and I don’t want to leave. Struggling with homesickness is common but not as common after three months. I don’t have the answer to how to deal with it as each person is different, but me? I write down each night 3 things I want to achieve the next day and stick to them. This gives me a short-term goal each day and helps me focus on where I am and where I want to be.

Weather in the UK this time of year is cold and if you’re lucky snowy. I’ve never seen snow so I’m also looking forward to going back.

So I’ll be packing my bags and flying back to uni soon but I’ve booked my April flights so at least I know when I’ll be coming back. I’ll write again after landing.