January – New Year, New Start

So, Christmas came and so did a new year. I was able to come home for that period of time but I do recommend for new students international or not, to return in January as it’s normally future conference week, I missed it this year and I won’t be missing it next year.

Some have exams after Christmas but I had them before so now I’m looking forward to starting two new subjects and finishing my first year at uni.

Coming home has been amazing and I don’t want to leave. Struggling with homesickness is common but not as common after three months. I don’t have the answer to how to deal with it as each person is different, but me? I write down each night 3 things I want to achieve the next day and stick to them. This gives me a short-term goal each day and helps me focus on where I am and where I want to be.

Weather in the UK this time of year is cold and if you’re lucky snowy. I’ve never seen snow so I’m also looking forward to going back.

So I’ll be packing my bags and flying back to uni soon but I’ve booked my April flights so at least I know when I’ll be coming back. I’ll write again after landing.



Christmas is coming!

So, I v’e now been at Gloucestershire University for nine weeks and time has just flown by. I’m a Spanish undergraduate Psychology student.

So far, I v’e handed in two assignments and I’m currently working on my next two which are group projects. One of the things I was most worried about before starting was the fact that I’ve never written an essay in my life before but, my worries were put to rest with all the help I got from the Student Achievement team and my teachers.

The Student Achievement team are a great group at the university which helps you with any kind of academic problems such as writing assignments, understanding feedback…

Here is a link to their section of the website http://www.glos.ac.uk/life/support/pages/student-achievement.aspx

When I first arrived I was nervous, not going to lie, but not only because of the academic requirements but also because of moving to a new country with new people and different customs. However, everyone at the university made me feel very welcome. I attended International Week which I recommend if you are thinking of coming to this university it is a great way to get a head up on what the university is like and a great way to meet other international students from all over the world.

http://www.glos.ac.uk/study/international/pages/international-students.aspx This link provides all the information you need about international students. It s’very good as it has a broken down easy to follow structure of what paper work and documents you may need and where to get them from or how to provide them.

Any enquiries you may have the university is excellent in responding to emails and getting back to you as soon as possible also they r’e very helpful if your’e stuck and not sure what your’e doing as I was when applying for the first time.

Once you arrive, after induction week, you should feel more settled and comfortable but not all people do. I for instance found it very hard to adapt and have been very homesick but its’ OKAY your’e not alone. There is always someone to turn to and have a talk with. The Help Zone is amazing and they are “the mothers”of the university any problems you have remain confidential and they help you instantly. There is one help zone in each campus.

Another good thing about this university is the mental wellbeing and student support team. Which can also be found here http://www.glos.ac.uk/life/support/pages/mental-health-and-wellbeing.aspx

But after nine weeks you are just longing to go home. I v’e booked my Christmas flights and can’t wait to go and see my family.