Sports teams here at the university are very different than back in North America, so when I kept hearing about a big tournament at the end of the year called “varsity” I was completely in the dark. Basically, each team picks their varsity squad who then goes up against our rival university in one final game for each sport. Whoever wins that game gains a point for their own university and whichever school at the end of the week has the most points wins varsity.

Confused? Me too, but as varsity got closer, it made sense to me that this was more like a final tournament to see which school could come out on top. The University of Gloucestershire’s rival school is Worcester, which is about a 40-minute drive from Cheltenham. After joining the volleyball team at the beginning of the year, and in turn getting chosen for the varsity team, I got to be right up in all the action that took place during varsity week. It was amazing to see how the whole university came together to support each other at every single game, and with each win, you could feel the school spirit building. Leading up to varsity I had the chance to chat with some athletes and get their take on what varsity meant to them, and what they were most excited about before the week began.

In the end, the University of Gloucestershire came out on top, beating Worcester University 14-10 and I was so happy I got to be part of such an amazing week! Joining a sports team at the university was one of the best decisions I’ve made since coming to England, and varsity was such a great end to our season. #Bleedblue #teamglos