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Graphic Design BA Hons (30 Nov 2016)

HR Management MSc (30 Nov 2016)

Accounting and Business Management (TBC)
Accounting and Finance (TBC)
Accounting and Financial Management Studies (TBC)
Advertising (TBC)
Animation (TBC)
Biology (TBC)
Animal Biology (TBC)
Business Management (TBC)
International Business Management (TBC)
International Business Studies (TBC)
Business and Marketing Management (TBC)
Business Management and Strategy (TBC)
Children and Young People’s Practice (TBC)
Early Childhood Studies (TBC)
Computer Games Design (TBC)
Computer Games Programming (TBC)
Computer and Cyber Forensics (TBC)
Cyber and Computing Security (TBC)
Computing (TBC)
Business Computing (TBC)
Digital Media and Web technologies (TBC)
Creative Writing (TBC)
English Literature and Creative Writing (TBC)
Criminology (TBC)
Criminology and Psychology (TBC)
Criminology and Sociology (TBC)
Drama (TBC)
Ecology and Environmental Studies (TBC)
Education Studies (TBC)
Education and Learning (TBC)
English Literature (TBC)
English Language (TBC)
English Language and Linguistics (TBC)
English Language and Creative Writing (TBC)
Events Management (TBC)
Fashion Design (TBC)
Film Production (TBC)
Film Studies (TBC)
Film and Television Production (TBC)
Fine Art (TBC)
Geography (TBC)
Community and District Nursing Specialist Practice (TBC)
Community and Health Management (Level 6) (TBC)
Mental Health Practice (TBC)
Health and Social Care Practice (TBC)
Health, Community and Social Care (TBC)
History (TBC)
Hotel, Resort and Events Management (TBC)
Hotel, Resort and Tourism Management (TBC)
Illustration (TBC)
Interior Design (TBC)
Journalism (TBC)
Sports Journalism (TBC)
Magazine Journalism and Production (TBC)
Landscape Architecture (TBC)
Law (TBC)
Digital Marketing (TBC)
Marketing, Advertising and Branding (TBC)
Media Production (TBC)
Creative Music Technology (TBC)
Music Business (TBC)
Popular Music (TBC)
Performing Arts (TBC)
Dance (TBC)
Photography: Editorial and Advertising (TBC)
Photojournalism and Documentary Photography (TBC)
Photography (TBC)
Product Design (TBC)
Psychology (TBC)
Radio (TBC)
Religion, Philosophy and Ethics (TBC)
Social Work (TBC)
Applied Social Sciences (TBC)
Sociology (TBC)
Sports and Exercise Sciences (TBC)
Sports Coaching (TBC)
Sports Strength and Conditioning (TBC)
Sports Therapy (TBC)
Physical Education (TBC)
Physical Education and Coaching (TBC)
Sports Development and Coaching (TBC)
Sports Coaching and Development (TBC)
Applied Sport and Exercise Studies (TBC)
Exercise, Fitness and Health (TBC)
Sports Management (TBC)
Sports Management and Development (TBC)
Primary Education (TBC)
Television Production (TBC)
Visual Communications (TBC)
Youth Work (TBC)